Welcome to the  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page!  If your question cannot be found here, click on the "Edit" button on this page and input your question. I will be notified and will get back to you ASAP.

Who's the incharge of this wiki?Edit

At the moment? I am. :) But only for a little while

This place is pretty vacant.... when does

It "opens" July 17th. That's when summer officially begins around here and my commrads will be able to input their characters.

Can I make an article now?Edit

Of course!  Please ensure that you know and follow the Guidelines   of H.P.O.C.

And note that I will not provide much article help until the 17th of July.

Are other people allowed to edit my article?Edit

For now? Yes, however we urge that people only do so with the allowance of the writer of the Article.

The staff will only do so if you have major grammar issues or if we see a problem with the format. We WILL NOT hesitate in banning anyone who vandalises others articles! 

Oh Yeah.. we can do that

Do I have to register in order to contribute?Edit

No you don't.

However, we suggest you do so, as it makes everything easier around here, and your IP address isn't exposed to other users.

How do I make one of those ID Box/ Info boxes?Edit

I will provide that for you but it wont be prepared until the 17th of July ;)