Allow me to assist you then :)

But I do recommend you read this for a second before going into this as this is really just a simple sum and this will help you allot more than I really can

Basics of Building ArticlesEdit

Grammar and other english errorsEdit

I'm going to make a suggestion and say that before you start anything you should write everything about your character down in a WORD document. Pull it all out into sections timeline style (when character was born, when xe attended school etc. Then simply copy past the whole thing into a new page by clicking the "Create new page button" 

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Finding add this photo

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Add page

First and probably the most important asset of a clean, neat article is the spelling. As stated in the guidelines, we do expect that you use proper grammar and spelling. Paragraphs are vital! It helps break up the information into little bits and enables the page to be legable.


You can create as many pages as you want! If you have created a whole family and you want to make a page on them that's fine! Or a new spell that you may have created and you want to enlighten people about it, you may create a page for that! Or how about an event (like the wizarding war) that you created for your oc's to participate in that is A-OK.We want to refrain from writting of these extra storys on your character's page. Make links to the Harry Potter Wiki  and Wikipedia articles on places, historical events etc.

Always have a back up on your computerEdit

I can't lock your article and people actually can come in and change things(we of course hope they don't abuse this power and vandalize everything but it happens) So we urge you to keep up with your articles (another reason why you should write it in Word first). It IS possible for me to back track your work for you and change it back to the way it was but that is really a lot of work and time consuming:(

Building a characterEdit

Now I could totally give you this HUGE boring tell all story on how to make the perfect character. But instead I shall redirect you to Here. This ought to ease any troubles for character creations for now.

I do also recomment that you take a look at the HP wiki for any good layout ideas. I will provide a link to a template that I'll create for you to make things easier. :)

How your article should look.Edit

Use this as a Template (REMEMBER click the "edit page" button and COPY the template to a new blank page and input the info where it should be)